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Baby Driver

Slick and superlatively choreographed, with a super-charged look and feel, Baby Driver is a pedal-to-the-metal action thriller that rarely lets up, in the vein of The Driver, Point Break, and Heat. Frenzied, frenetic, and as fast-paced as a Ferrari in the red, it’s both a blast and a mess, with a strong opening and a second half that whimpers (or flames out?) before it crosses the finish line.

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Terse, tense, and thrumming like a pounding drum, Sicario is a smart, seamy, sweaty foray into the netherworld of drug trafficking; a trip-wired, arthouse/grindhouse ambush of disorienting ambiguity; and a nihilistic existential nightmare without boundaries. It’s a violent action thriller to die for.

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Buoyant, rousing, and simmering with simple charms, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a quirky, endearing coming-of-age chronicle; an energetic, respectful sleeper hit; and a fresh take on the quiet stumbles between adolescence and adulthood. If it’s coy and cute and a bit cloying, it’s also heartfelt and handmade entertainment that will have you reaching for a tissue.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

Irreverent, garish, self-referential, and uproarious, The Wolf of Wall Street is an enervating analysis of immorality and an episodic portrait of loathsome men and rapaciousness, in which decadence escalates into debauchery and debauchery escalates into depravity.

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