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Little Men

Gentle, poignant, and engrossing, Little Men is a tiny drama of big themes and well-drawn characters; a detailed, delicate portrait of two families in conflict; and a compelling generational jump for its filmmaker from retirement into childhood. Humane in its truthfulness and beautiful in its humanity, it’s a canvas on which the most relatable of all experiences plays out: life.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Tepid, timid, turgid, tedious, and tame, if barely staying off the track of terrible, Fifty Shades of Grey is a monochromatic misfire, a syrupy softcore melodrama, a Harlequin Romance with pulleys. Chaste and clumsy, drab and dull, silly and sanctimonious, limp and ludicrous, it’s a Twilight ripoff that’s almost inferior to its already inferior inspiration.

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Zero Dark Thirty

Precise, meticulous, unsentimental, and electrifying, Zero Dark Thirty is a tough, stark, and superbly conceived procedural docudrama about the longest manhunt in history. It mixes intensity and intellectualism to provoke and disturb, and builds steadily and relentlessly to a potent climax.

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