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Twin Peaks: The Return

Dense, dour, dark, and downright transporting, Twin Peaks: The Return is an ode to lamps, beautiful ladies, and dimly-lit nightclubs, a bonkers cauldron of chaos from the master of the grotesque that’s constantly shifting, evolving, and changing shape. It’s creepy and funny, nostalgic and modern, strange and sad, indulgent and audacious, surreal and heartbreaking. 

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Get Out

Deftly implemented, unsettlingly relevant, and blisteringly funny, Get Out is an impressive horror debut that’s perfect for Sundance, an agile social commentary, and a terrific calling card for its young director. Spinning with twists and turns and uneasy tension (the first scene will trigger severe heart palpitations), it’s savvy, smart entertainment that’s mostly bold.

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