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American Honey

Perpetually engaging¬†and enthusiastically irresponsible, American Honey is a fascinating coming-of-age story with naturalistic performances; and a free-spirited road movie with languishing, exultant moments.¬†Gleefully unhinged and indulgent, it’s a wild ride through sex, drugs, and hip hop, with the journey led by one of Britain’s preeminent auteurs working out of her supposed comfort zone.

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Fish Tank

Confrontational, acutely claustrophobic, and implacably gritty, Fish Tank is an incisive female coming-of-age story set against a dreary backdrop of poverty, abuse, and neglect – the grim suburban housing developments on the outer fringes of London – with a tremendous breakout lead performance. It’s a stalwart new entry in the long-standing British tradition of disquieting social realism, with a narrative of audacity and ambiguity.

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