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Baby Driver

Slick and superlatively choreographed, with a super-charged look and feel, Baby Driver is a pedal-to-the-metal action thriller that rarely lets up, in the vein of The Driver, Point Break, and Heat. Frenzied, frenetic, and as fast-paced as a Ferrari in the red, it’s both a blast and a mess, with a strong opening and a second half that whimpers (or flames out?) before it crosses the finish line.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Boisterous, bountiful, bombastic, berserk, and bonkers, Mad Max: Fury Road is a barn-burner of an operatic extravaganza; a scrap-metal demolition derby of a popcorn flick; and a gargantuan grunge symphony of vehicular mayhem and twisted metal. Extravagantly deranged and utterly unhinged, it’s gutsy, unapologetic, peripatetic, high-octane, and unstoppable, a defiantly individual riposte to committee-led blockbusters that tend to steamroll the summer season.

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American Sniper

Incurious and hyper-macho, stilted and scandalously blinkered, American Sniper is a solidly-staged, unexceptional picture, crammed with action, heart-pounding moments, and familiar dramatic situations. It’s a gripping, straightforward character study that could have been so much more.

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Upscale, gruesome, long, and unapologetically messy, Snowpiercer is a $40 million futuristic epic with startling visuals, a supercharged storyline, and oddball characters that don’t always conform to their presumed parameters. A slambam, splattery shambles with a fat dose of social satire and barely a lick of sense, Snowpiercer offers an enormously fun, unhinged ride that’s worth the investment for its mixture of a great cast, batty personalities, and mad swipes at symbolism.

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